Radiant Extensions for Blogging, Flickr and Spam Prevention

I’ve updated my Radiant plugins for Radiant 0.6’s new extension mechanism. I’ll package up proper releases soon, but in the meantime you can get them from my Subversion repository. If you’ve checked out the Radiant mental branch, svn:externals is the way to go:

cd /path/to/radiant
svn propedit svn:externals vendor/extensions

Then add the following three lines and save

blog_tags http://seansantry.com/svn/radiant/extensions/blogtags/trunk
enkoder_tags http://seansantry.com/svn/radiant/extensions/enkodertags/trunk
flickr_tags http://seansantry.com/svn/radiant/extensions/flickrtags/trunk

Follow that with an svn update vendor/extensions and you’re all set. If you’re running the gem you can go into your vendor/extensions directory and export the extensions from Subversion:

svn export http://seansantry.com/svn/radiant/extensions/blogtags/trunk blog_tags
svn export http://seansantry.com/svn/radiant/extensions/enkodertags/trunk enkoder_tags
svn export http://seansantry.com/svn/radiant/extensions/flickrtags/trunk flickr_tags