Radiant Plugins

I’ve cobbled together a few Radiant plugins for my site and thought others might find them useful.

  • BlogTags provides next and previous tags for linking to the next and previous articles in your blog. These are based on some code John Long posted to the Radiant mailing list. You can see them in action at the end of this article. This plugin also provides a time_ago_in_words tag to output the page’s published_at date in words (eg, “3 days ago”).

  • EnkoderTags provides tags to help prevent spammers harvesting email addresses from your site. It’s a simple refactoring of Dan Benjamin’s Hivelogic Enkoder. I’m using this plugin to enkode email addresses shown on this site.

  • FlickrTags is in the very early stages of development. Right now the only really useful tag is slideshow, which embeds a Flickr slideshow in an iframe. You can see an example in my portfolio. I’m working on integrating Scott Raymond’s Flickr API for more advanced functionality.

These plugins are available from my subversion repository. To install, simply export any one of the plugins into your Radiant installation’s vendor/plugins folder. For example:

svn export http://seansantry.com/svn/radiant/plugins/blogtags/trunk \

Note that you should prefix the target directory with 00_ to ensure that these plugins are loaded before others. Otherwise the global tags these plugins define won’t be available in pages that use behaviors.