Welcome Deitel Newsletter Readers

Thanks so much for visiting my site. As you can see, this site is primarily a personal space where I talk about my work as a musician and photographer. I'll be restructuring the site to include more information about my Web consulting work (especially with Ruby on Rails), but in the meantime, please with any questions you might have, including technical questions about Ruby on Rails, J2EE and questions about my consulting work and availability.

For those of you who haven't seen the article, it's called Ruby is a Gem! and is available for free on Deitel.com. You can also subscribe to the Deitel Buzz Online newsletter (see the form on the left side of their page) to get upcoming programming news and information delivered to your inbox.

Update: My second article on Rails is now available in the latest issue of the Deitel Buzz Online newsletter. In this article I discuss Rails as a Domain-Specific Language for building web applications.